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Today, the chocolate truffle range is composed of five main varieties : Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, praliné and last but not least the Crunchy Truffles

Sales Arguments

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles are from an outstanding quality, we only use the finest quality chocolates of the famous chocolate company Barry Callebaut

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles are guarantee chocolates with 100% cocoa butter and without any colouring or chemical product

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles allows higher margins as for mass- and low quality products

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles have a very excellent taste of chocolate, after consuming the consumer will be taste still the chocolate, not a fat taste because the ingredient vegetable fat is in the end of the ingredients list and because this wonderful chocolate taste the consumer will take another chocolate flake truffle for consuming, it gives a guarantee that the consumer will buy an other box of the “Diane” chocolate flake truffles, so this quality gives security of growing business

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles, all around the world have the same quality so the travel consumer will buy with confidence in his own home store and will be very satisfied about this policy and will be sure also buy our Chocolate Flake Truffles for giving as a gift to his relations

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles are packed in the most attractive packaging so it will be catch people’s eyes on the shelf, yellow is an international colour and gives a good feeling by the consumer, he will also see directly what kind of product is inside the box

“Diane” Chocolate Flake Truffles have still a advantage price level against our important quality competitors

“Diane” is a very flexible company because our only speciality is Chocolate Flake Truffles, therefore it our main business, so we can guaranty between order of a full truck even with different types of boxes and loading maximum 15 working days

“Diane” is a company that have experience on several markets, such as the Asian, American, Middle East and European markets

“Diane” is a family owned company and therefore 100% independent

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